CO2 Tablets: Increase O2 Ratio & Helps in Treating Diabetic Foot, Gangrene, Varicose Veins & Traumas

CO2 tablets are used to increase the O2 ratio in the body and facilitate the absorption of fluids after trauma or sports injuries, helping to treat conditions such as diabetic foot, gangrene, varicose veins, and ankle and hand traumas.

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    The importance of using carbon dioxide CO2 tablets for medical treatment:
    The increase of CO2 density in the tissues leads the body to a positive adverse reaction by increasing the O2 ratio through the expansion of blood capillaries and arteries in the treated areas such as the diabetic foot. It also facilitates for the body to absorb the fluids that occur after the trauma and sports injuries such as cases of fragmentation and fracture or other similar cases.
    Diseases that CO2 helps to treat:
    – Diabetic foot
    – The beginning of gangrene
    – Varicose veins in the foot
    – Ankle and hand traumas