Posture Corrector Shoulder brace

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    Will youf feel back pain? after working for a few hours in front of the computer? ergonomically designed to protect your shoulder, back, waist, and improve your incorrect posture. Wear the corrector 15-20 minutes for the first 3-4 days, then add 20 minutes every day. It will create a memory that improves your posture and relieves pain.
    Posture Brace size is suitable for waist , The extended adjustable straps can be adjust to any positions you feel comfortable Posture Brace will have a comfortable wearing experience and It is easy to wear with 4 steps and the adults or child can be done independently.
    No self-conscious to change your posture. The posture brace has a discreet design, almost invisible so that you can wear it under your clothes or blouse at work or home, and is not noticeable or bulky. Featuring strong but lightweight breathable washable materials will stay cool while promoting proper posture.


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