Eco Gel 250 ml for ultrasound

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     SAF Doctors Ultrasound gel 250 ml bottle is easy to dispense gel from and easy to handle.

    Its dispenser designed to stop dripping.

    SAF Doctors Ultrasound Gel is the mostly used gel for examination ultrasound laser hair removal (IPL).

    Can be both color free and with color

    SAF Doctors ECO gel is suitable both ultrasound and laser hair removal produces:

    • Skin-friendly harmless to sound heads
    • Can be spread very thinly and
    • Will not dry out prematurely,
    • Water soluble
    • Will not stain clothing
    • Does not contain harmful chemicals,
    • Free from formaldehyde and alcohol.

    How to use:

    Add sufficient amount on the area and spread the gel for usage.




    Transparent, Blue

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